WTF, a carpet bombing??

2009-01-03 04:16:59 by DonaldFletcher

Are my eyes tricking me, or did someone just zero bomb the fuck out of the top Industrial tracks?
I wasn't paying that close attention, but when I saw that my new track got bombed again, I checked on the front page to see what took my place. Now it's looking like at least the top 5 or more tracks all took a hit. Most of which I thought were pretty damn good. And it was just a few hours ago I checked. Unfortunately for me, I haven't been getting a ton of votes overall so I got slammed. It happens. I'm over it.

It's one thing to zero a song because you think it sucks. It's another entirely to bomb a track because you want your own shit to go up in the ranks. Whatever, you can be a crying bitch if you want.

But when you roll in and start bombing the top tracks of a genre just because your pokemon hentai torrent froze up, you've got serious fucking issues, kid.


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2009-01-03 07:53:14

Yeah, that's been going on in the Industrial section for a while now. About two weeks, if I'm not mistaken. Swept my shit right off the first page.

DonaldFletcher responds:

I've been seeing zeroes shot at different tracks with some regularity since I signed up here, and I'm pretty sure one of my friends just outright gave up on NG entirely because of it. So the concept itself is nothing new as I'm sure you know. But whatever the bloody hell happened four or five hours ago is something I haven't seen since things were getting heated back in October. And I don't think it was ever actually that blatant.
I'm taking screenshots of the damn charts every time I touch my computer from now on, and without making any accusations I'm gonna start posting the images here. Let's see if any patterns begin to emerge, and everyone can make up their own damn minds.

Ha, then again, it's not like Newgrounds staff would do anything about it even if it was obvious who's responsible.