Damn, it's good to be back.

2008-12-19 22:00:15 by DonaldFletcher

So, after recovering from the death of my five year old computer and the most insane semester I've ever stepped into, I'm finally looking forward to getting caught up with NG again. Plus, my old job refused to take me back for the winter, credit the economy, so I should have plenty of free time over the next month.

So thanks to that, I just uploaded my newest track for you ladies and gentlemen:

In Saturn's Ring
(yeah, four months in the making, haha)

In other news, I'm thinking about abandoning my old material as part of a larger project in light of the fact that I'm using 100% new equipment now, and my new stuff should bear little resemblance to anything else I've submitted before today. I'll keep ya posted. You'll be hearing more from me before '09, trust me.

See you around


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