Maybe like, 3 hours of fame? Ha ha ha

2008-09-06 10:47:58 by DonaldFletcher

Short lived, but worth it.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the last bulletin I posted and you'll understand completely.
Good thing I took a screenshot earlier, because when I checked the chart just now both tracks had gone down around half a point each!
Regardless, this all proved that there are some people out there who actually appreciate the material I'm putting together, and that's all I need to keep me going. Thanks again, gentlemen. Job well done.

Meanwhile keep your ears open for more material. I'm sorry I got stuck playing this Necronomicon card game for four straight hours (ironically, during which time my tracks dropped off the front page, haha) because I should have been working on my next track. Anyway, I'm recommending the game so you can have a great time while your tracks fall off the front page too (evil watery laughter)

OK, I'm gonna have a cigarette THEN figure out if I'm gonna sleep today for the rest I missed LAST NIGHT because of NEWGROUNDS. Heh, thanks for the great night NG, dreams ain't as much fun as they used to be anyway ;-]

OK. The website. Check it. Add it. Love it. Later on, mates!

Maybe like, 3 hours of fame? Ha ha ha


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