2nd post in a matter of hours--- Slots 2 & 3 are OURS. Newgrounds ROCKS.

2008-09-06 06:14:57 by DonaldFletcher

Damn. I need a cigarette.

Thanks to you listeners out there, "Double The Standard" and "The Inverse of Three" now occupy slots 2 & 3 on the Industrial charts.

Actually, that's funny, because DTS ended up on 2 and I3 got slot 3... double gets 2 and three gets 3... hmm, fate? Haha. Funny what being up past 6AM will do to your perception of the universe. Of course, I know it's every one of you listeners.

I'm so glad my brother turned me onto NG. This is the best output for new music online, no doubt, and it's the listeners that make it happen.


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